No frills

The phrase no frills has become common place in our everyday vocabulary. Basically meaning, without non-essential extras, whether you love it or hate it, it is becoming a lifestyle choice and is here to stay.

No frills can apply to a whole host of industries in a number of ways. In the automotive industry, the ultimate no frills far has to be the Tata Nano. At time of writing, it is the cheapest new car in the world to buy. But you do get what you pay for. Which means you don’t get a lot. There is no rear opening hatch so the boot is only accessible from inside the car, there is no power steering or airbags, and there is only one wing mirror and windscreen wiper.

No frills is also a big winner for airlines with many companies looking to cut out the luxuries of flight and charge passengers for non-essential extras such as seat reservations and checking in baggage. No frills holidays are even bigger. It’s not just the cheap airline to get you there; it’s a cheap hotel to spend a week in. Bedding, toiletries, a view, a TV and air conditioning are all usually available at an additional rate.

No frills supermarkets

No frills supermarkets are popping up in local towns more and more often.

No frills supermarkets are popping up in local towns more and more often. Whilst you do have to take your own bags (or boxes) you can borrow a trolley, though some places will charge you for that too. More warehouse than supermarket, competition is low and it’s more a case of ‘what can I make with what they have’ rather than ‘I need some ingredients for my dinner tonight’. If you don’t mind the stark atmosphere (background music is extra) you might be on to a money saving winner.

And if you are happy with no frills supermarkets, you may as well try some no frills food. Own brand/basic/value whatever you want to call it, the large supermarkets are offering more and more no frills selections. Who cares if your carrots are a funny shape if you are just going to cut them up? Or that the tinned tomatoes are a bit tart if you are just going to stew them for 3 hours?

Low cost applications certainly have their place in our world but no frills is the ultimate of cutting back. Where it becomes arguable and personal is at what point we are willing to sacrifice quality for cost.

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